Automate Your Life with Custom Workflows

Mobile devices make the everyday lives of both consumers and professionals much easier. Whether they are being leveraged to unlock cars, send emails or simply check in on loved ones, mobile devices have helped to make life a little less complicated. Just take Workflow as an example, which is an aptly named iOS…

Twitter Small Business Planner

Twitter Helps SMBs with Social Marketing

Twitter is helping small and medium-sized businesses more effectively manage their presence on its platform, thanks to the social network’s “Twitter Small Business Planner” app. The free app, which is available for both iOS and Android, provides tactical guidelines for businesses in North America, the UK and Ireland. Through the…


No More Vertical Videos with Horizon Camera

“Your digital collection of camera and video apps is likely quite extensive by now, likely because you are simply bad at taking a decent selfie or a good concert video…”


Citymapper App May Be the Ultimate Urban Digital Map Alternative

Those of us that live in large cities and use public transportation are perpetually in quest of reliable and accurate mobile applications for transit use – because you could be doing far more productive things than waiting for the train at an outside station in the middle of winter in Chicago.


Converse in Confidence

Security is a high priority today for any successful business. Although there are several steps that a business can take to ensure that their information is safe while employees are on their work computers, mobile devices have infiltrated the work space which has led to more and more professionals using their…


Stay Organized in Style

Organization is a key part in a professional’s career.  In fact, without organization, it is easy for professionals and companies to become lost in the ever expanding world of business. Equivalent to the old accordion binder, Polaris enables its users to quickly organize and store documents, presentations, spreadsheets and Adobe PDF…

Moxtra Website

Stay Connected While Away from the Office

Mobile devices have made it simple for business professionals to stay connected to their work with just a moment’s notice, and native mobile apps make it even easier. Take Moxtra for example. The team communication and collaboration platform is available for use on desktops, iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. With the…

SoundOFF! Android App

Silence Ring Tones with SoundOFF!

The simplest mobile apps often times end up being the most helpful apps. For proof, just think about how often you leverage the weather or calculator app on your smartphone. Now, an app called SoundOFF! is looking to be just as helpful. SoundOFF, which is available for Android devices, leverages…

SoCalendar App

Spruce Up Your Calendar with Stickers

For busy business professionals, it can be a challenge to stay on schedule without the help of an accessible and detailed calendar. Fortunately, smartphones have presented a remedy to this problem, as many come equipped with pre-installed calendars that are ready to be synced and updated to keep users on…


Stop Hackers in Their Tracks with mSecure

The Internet is truly a never ending playground for its users. However, just as there are bullies on the playground in the real world, there are bullies in the digital world too. With seemingly continuous reports of hackers breaking into Internet users accounts and profiles, password security has taken the…


An Easy Way to Read and Edit PDFs on the Go

Being one of the most versatile types of files, PDFs are the go-to file type for many businesses. To make interacting with these files easier when on the go, GoodReader 4 offers a multitude of tools that enable users to read and manage PDFs like they would on a desktop. One of the…


Phantom Disables Screenshots

Once you put something up on the Internet, it’s out there forever…or at least it was. There’s a new app available in the Google and iOS app store’s called Phantom, which allows users to set a “self-destruct” time on their photos and videos. Once the content vanishes, it is not…


Instagram Releases Bolt, a Snapchat competitor

It is impossible to deny Snapchat’s success. The company has made a fortune (Snapchat’s latest valuation puts the company’s worth at $10 billion) by allowing users to send photos and video snippets to friends that disappear after being seen or watched. With that in mind, it is no surprise that…


No Language is Foreign Anymore

The Internet has made international sales plausible for nearly every business. However, there are still many reasons why businesses elect to not go international. One such reason is the language barrier, as effective communication is a requirement for any successful business. This is where the iTranslate Voice –translator and dictionary app…

LinkedIn Connected App for iPhone

Start Networking with LinkedIn Connected

LinkedIn is having a busy summer. Not only did the company release a Job Search app in June, but now the social network has also introduced the LinkedIn Connected app. The LinkedIn Connected app for iPhone is essentially a new version of LinkedIn’s Contacts app that was launched last year. That…


Resize Images on the Go

Obtaining the perfect image size can be a challenge for Internet professionals. Too large and it can slow down their website, too small and viewers can’t see the content of the photo properly. This is where the Resize Image app comes in handy. The app, available only on iOS 6.0 and later, allows users…


Get Fashionable with the Tinder for Handbags

For fashionistas, finding the perfect handbag can be a challenging task. Even more challenging, however, is finding a good deal on the perfect handbag. To combat both of these challenges, fashionistas need to be equipped with the Mencanta app. The Mencanta app for iOS and Android devices is like the…


Omegle Grants Users Anonymity

To say that social networks are incredibly popular would be an understatement. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn register millions (in Facebook’s case more than one billion) of users every month. More and more social networks are popping up each month hoping to piggy back off the success of the…

Skype Logo

Say Hello to Skype 5.0

Skype has revamped its iOS app to offer a better, faster experience to its users. According to the company, Skype 5.0 is the most refined version yet, including all of the visual finishes that iOS users expect, as well as smooth animations and a few features that are new to…


Track How Apps Perform on Different Mobile Networks

Cloud infrastructure monitoring service Site24x7 from ManageEngine, released an Android app designed to help IT teams track mobile apps and websites from different mobile networks. The Site24x7 Mobile Network Poller App essentially turns Android mobile devices into carrier-specific monitoring locations, revealing metrics like availability, response time, and downtime. Site24x7 users…


Password Manager ‘Keeper’ Hits 5 Million User Mark

Keeper Security announced that its mobile security app for managing passwords and private information has surpassed 5 million users, adding a new ever every 11 seconds on average. “Keeper is now the leading password management application in the market today, offering both individuals and enterprise users with military-grade encryption and…


Better Email Marketing Management with GetResponse

Email marketing provider GetResponse has released a new version of their mobile app for iPhones and Android. The app can be integrated with a user’s account simply by logging in through their device. If the account contains newsletter drafts, senders can review and launch them from within the mobile app….

LinkedIn Job Search App

Find Employment with LinkedIn’s Job Search App

LinkedIn is helping its members find employment while on the go, thanks to its new Job Search app for iOS. The LinkedIn Job Search app is useful for both active job seekers and those who are just keeping an eye out for new opportunities. The app comes with many of…

Google My Business

Google My Business

In an effort to help local businesses increase their online visibility, Google launched a new platform called “Google My Business.” This platform brings together all of Google’s services that can help businesses increase their online visibility. For instance, users can leverage the platform to update their business information on Google…


Spice Up Your Videos With A Theme Song

There is no shortage of video recording and editing apps on the marketplace, and with apps like iMovie, Splice, Vine and 1TapVideo, it takes something special to set your app apart. This is where MatchCut comes into play.  This app sets itself apart from competitors by allowing users to apply music to the background…


Dream Reader: A Better Way to Read

Text to speech (TTS) apps seem like a dime a dozen these days, so finding a quality one that is worth downloading (or buying in this case) is nothing to scoff at. Voice Dream Reader, available for iOS 5.1 and above, supports twelve different file formats (including PDF, Microsoft Word…


Android Gets Klout

Klout has had a busy start to 2014. Not only did the influence measurement platform undergo a revamp this year, but it also updated its iOS app to reflect the changes. And now, Klout has finally unveiled an app for Android devices. With Klout for Android, users have the ability…


Competition for Google Drive

When people think of a shared document app, most probably think of Google Drive. There is another app, however, that offers a compelling array of features to draw users away from Drive. Quip, a message and document sharing app, boasts a shared thread for messages and documents, throwing away the need…


Evaluate Domain Names with Estibot’s iOS App

Domain appraisal platform Estibot has release an application for iOS devices. Users are able to appraise domain names, access analytics (including search volume, CPC, PageRank, and others), research whois and view parsed registrant and email information, access historical whois snapshots to discover previous domain owners, view and search recent and…

Hopscotch Logo

Play Hopscotch, Learn to Code

Hopscotch is on the iPad, but this isn’t your traditional chalk and sidewalk game.  Rather, Hopscotch for iPad is an app that teaches kids to code using intuitive building blocks. Through the app, kids can learn the basics of computer programming, including abstraction, sequencing, loops, variables, functions and conditional logic….


Get Organized with MindNode

MindNode, available for iOS and Mac, allows users to visually map out an idea starting with a central point, and then branch off into sub points in order to create a “mind map” (think of a brainstorming map from elementary school). In addition to being able to edit, add and delete points…


Be Productive at a Moment’s Notice

The digital professionals of 2014 can connect with work at a moment’s notice – thanks in large part to mobile devices. To be prepared for any task that comes along, however, professionals need to equip their smartphones and tablets with the right applications. While there are many helpful apps to…


You Won’t Slack with This Internal Communication App for Web and Mobile

Internal communication software is all the rage, and Slack is by far one of the most interesting. The app enables team members to communicate in sync across devices – from desktop to smartphone to tablet – and offers strong search and archiving features. Users can create channels which can include messages,…


Zoom Makes Meetings High Fidelity

You can run from a meeting, but you won’t be able to hide much longer thanks to Zoom. The app makes it possible to have video conferences and web meetings. Zoom provides strong collaboration features including annotations, screen sharing, whiteboarding (iPAD), dynamic voice detection, recording, as well as integration with…

eHub Mobile for Android

eHub Mobile for the Distributed Workforce

While a distributed workforce can be complicated to manage, technology can support communication. The eHub Mobile employee self-service app (Android) enables users to manage jobs, employees and personal information on the go. Users can check in to or out of shifts, view/add schedules, and use checkpoints to perform job or…


Ask Life Questions with SoulPancake

Find out the answers to some of life’s biggest questions with a yummy new iOS application called SoulPancake. The app is an extension of the SoulPancake website, which was founded by actor Rainn Wilson (from NBC’s The Office). Both the site and app encourage users to start discussions based on…


Listen to Articles with Pocket

Mobile devices are great for staying up to date with news while on the go, however, what happens if you find a great article but don’t have the time to read it? This is when applications like Pocket come in handy, which enable users to save information to their device…


Five Alarm Apps for Android

Alarm clocks are a necessary evil – while they are mandatory for keeping us on schedule, they are also an unnatural mechanism used to awake us from our sweetest dreams. Most mobile devices come with a default alarm clock; however, those looking to add a little spice into their morning…


YouTube Creates and Launches New iPhone App

Get ready for a whole new YouTube experience on your iPhone. After Apple announced that the company would dump its original YouTube app (which was created by Apple) from its next operating system, the video-based social network decided to create its own version – and it’s here just in time…


Get Your TV Companion App

Most of us already use our smartphones and tablets to play with apps and surf social networks while watching TV – but now we actually have a valid reason to keep these devices on our laps during our favorite shows. The new TV Guide Mobile app for iOS devices, acts…


Be Awed with Aurasma

If you label yourself as a person who “thinks outside of the box”, it is time to put your creativity to the test with Aurasma – a visual browser that brings the physical and virtual worlds together. Sounds like something out of Harry Potter right? Close, but not quite –…

convention floor pass

Get Your Floor Pass to 2012’s Political Conventions

If you want a front row seat to the 2012 political conventions, look no further than the CNN-Time Convention Floor Pass app. This app features breaking news updates and alerts, daily analysis and commentary, exclusive early access to CNN-TIME polls, as well as photos and videos from CNN and TIME…


Test Your Journalistic Skills with Demotix

Being in the right place at the right time could potentially turn into a profitable experience. Citizen journalism network Demotix has launched a free iOS app, which enables anyone to test their journalistic skills by uploading and selling raw, breaking news images and videos directly from the field. The Demotix…


Get Ready For Football with Fanzooloo

Before tailgate season is in full effect, it might be a good idea for all avid sports fans to download Fanzooloo. The fan-based mobile application is being described as “ESPN meets Trip Advisor or Yelp”. Fanzooloo enables fans to favorite specific sport venues, such as Wrigley Field or Lambeau Field,…

pinterest apps2

Pinterest Comes to the iPad and Android Devices

Pinterest is really serious about mobile, because the pinboarding social network has not only updated its iPhone app, but also launched apps for the iPad and Android devices too. “It may sound funny, but our goal has never been to keep you online,” states Pinterest’s blog. “Instead, we want to…


Get Web Stats with Compete

If you need to check out some Web statistics stat, look no further than Compete. The popular website analysis tool just launched a free application for iOS devices, which enables users to view traffic analytics data for various Web properties – including unique visitors, site rank, month-over-month and year-over-year growth. Additionally,…


Voice Search comes to Google’s iOS Apps

Who needs Siri when you can voice search the Web with Google? While Google added speech recognition technology to its Android search app a few weeks ago, the search engine giant just announced that it is updating its search apps for the iPhone and iPad to also feature enhanced voice-powered search. To leverage…


Watch Personalized Videos with Vidyou

Have you ever wondered what type of content would be on a TV channel that is influenced by your social networks? Me either – but if you have, you might want to check out Vidyou – a video discovery application that leverages information from social networks to create engaging and personal video channels….

Amazon Instant Video iPad App

Amazon Instant Video Comes to iPad

Watch out Netflix, Amazon is about to invade on your iPad space. The retail giant just launched the Amazon Instant Video iPad app, which provides Amazon Prime members with streaming access to the retailer’s library of movies and TV shows. The app also allows users to watch purchased or rented videos…

Microsoft Free Trial App Example

Free App Trials with Windows 8

Here is some good news for finicky people – the Windows 8 store will offer free seven day trials for paid apps. This according to Microsoft, who released some insights into how the company plans to offer apps through the new App Store that is coming out with Windows 8….


Start Inventing with Quirky

If you are one of those people who are always thinking up inventions, you will be glad to know that you can start taking steps to make your ideas a reality – with the help of Quirky. Quirky is an iOS app that enables users to develop ideas, collaborate and…


Discover Android Apps with this App

If you need a new way to discover mobile apps, don’t worry – there’s an app for that. CandyApps is a free discovery and recommendation platform from i-Free Innovations, which makes the process of finding Android apps easy, fast and accurate. The app features a rating system that takes into account…


Process Payments on the go with AppCharge

Mobile is the hottest topic in tech right now, which makes it no surprise that solutions for processing payments on the go are also receiving a lot of attention. One solution, AppCharge, is a new payment technology from PowerPay that transforms iOS and Android devices into a terminal – offering merchants…


Chat Up NBA Stars During the Finals

If you are a sports fan, chances are that you probably already know how active Twitter is during game time. But now there is another way to stay social while watching the big game – and it gives fans a chance to chat with professional athletes. The social networking app…


Get Productive with Five Simple Apps

It’s already the middle of the work week, and the odds are that you may need a productivity boost to help you successfully make it to the weekend. In order to help you productively get over the hump day blues, check out this list of helpful apps for everything from…


Songza Selects Songs to Suit your Mood

If you’re a music lover, there’s a new app worth checking out that acts as your own personal music concierge – enabling you to listen to your favorite jams based on real life situations and activities. Want to listen to music by the pool? – There’s a playlist for that….

Facebook Camera App

Instagram Who? Check Out Facebook Camera

Perhaps Facebook didn’t need to shell out one billion dollars to acquire Instagram after all. The world’s largest social network has launched a second new app this week – Facebook Camera. Facebook Camera is a social photo app that enables users to edit and share photos onto Facebook. The app’s home…

Facebook Pages iOS App

Manage Facebook Pages On The Go

Social Media managers can now manage their brand’s Facebook page on the go – if they have an iPhone. Facebook  launched a free “Pages” app that enables Page managers to monitor and manage their business’s Facebook Page directly from the palms of their hands. The app enables users to view…


Three Instagram Alternatives for iOS

Many amateur photo editors are faced with uncertainty after Facebook’s announcement of monster-acquisition Instagram about a month ago, which leaves us asking – What are some other top photo-editing applications that are available on iOS devices? Checkout these three alternatives: iPhoto Any Apple fan knows what iPhoto on the iMac…

Windows Phone LinkedIn App

LinkedIn Offers Apps for Everyone

LinkedIn is going app crazy! Just two weeks ago, the professional social network finally launched the long awaited iPad app, and now the company is following it up with launching an app for Windows Phone – which might actually be better than both the Android and iOS apps. The unique…


Test Your Memory with Logos Quiz

If you are looking for a fun way to sharpen your memory skills, or if you just want to kill some time, check out Logos Quiz – an app that has been receiving a lot of attention recently in the iTunes App Store. The app is very simple, yet still…


Affiliate Tracking Easy as Cake

SaaS based affiliate tracking platform Cake Marketing has released a mobile application which provides network owners and their affiliates the ability to manage network operations, reporting, and campaigns remotely. The application essentially ports the functionality of the Cake system into a mobile application, giving users the ability to run their…

Longform App for iOS

Read Content Without Online Distractions

It is very easy to get distracted when reading content on the Web, which is a problem that the Longform mobile app aims to remedy. Longform is a smart reading app for iOS devices. The app is free and aims to filter out all distractions from content in order to…


Need Another Screen? Use Your iPad or iPhone

Every professional that uses a computer is bound to run into the same problem – display space. While computers today can run multiple tasks and programs at the same time, users are limited to the amount of tasks and programs that they can see at once. Enter Duet Display. Duet…


Master Your Tasks with Taasky

Each day that professionals wake up they have a variety of tasks that must be accomplished, both at home and at work. However, as humans, professionals are bound to forget a few tasks every now and then. Luckily, there is a wide selection of task managing apps out there for…


Keep Video Editing Simple With Clips

Videos are one of the most popular forms of media on the Internet, with more than 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube alone every minute. In order for videos to compete in such a saturated ecosystem (like YouTube) and garner as much attention as possible, they must be flawlessly executed in all phases. One…

Elevate Brain Training App

Elevate Your Brain

The New Year is a time for resolutions, and the most popular resolutions usually have something to do with self-improvement, such as losing weight or quitting smoking. If you are looking to make a different type of resolution this year, however, consider downloading the Elevate mobile app. This app works…