Videos Anytime, Anywhere with Watchlater

Watchlater is an elegant, minimalist iPad application for caching video and watching them later offline. Far and away the most attractive aspect is AirPlay, a Watchlater feature which lets app users use their iPad as a remote control. Over twenty supported video networks are available including networks YouTube, TED,…

Open .RAR Files on a Mac

Open .RAR Files on a Mac

Application Magazine came across a recent tweet asking for recommendations for programs (applications) for the Mac that can download .rar files. RAR stands for Roshal ARchive, and is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compressions, error recovery and file spanning. Perhaps a little background is important before making…

Now that's remote!

Remote Access Applications – Most Popular in 2011

Remote access applications are not used all that frequently by the non-geek masses but they are gaining in popularity. Readers are likely familiar with LogMeIn, WebEx (Cisco Systems) and GotoMyPC (Citrix), but how about TeamView, Soonr or Homepipe? Gigaom did a write-up of today but as you will see…

android task managers

Five Task Managers for Android Users

How many tasks and processes are running right now on your Android device? Who knows, but I bet it’s more than one. Apps fortunately abound for monitoring system performance, manage apps (thank the digital Gods for uninstallers) and tasks and generally just keep your stuff clean (performing optimally). Application Magazine…


New Partners & Apps @ NetSuite’s SDN

Cloud-based provider of financial/ERP software NetSuite has announced several new interesting partners (ISV) and quite a few good looking new and updated apps. NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network is a program geared toward developers building specialized and complimentary solutions to extend the NetSuite platform. Some of the standout ISV’s include: –…


Office Web Apps Tweaked – Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft made a few improvements to its Office Web Apps earlier this week, brining much of the functionality of the desktop version to the Web version. The free Office Web Apps provide the ability to create and edit Office documents stored online through Microsoft’s cloud-based SkyDrive service. Excel users can…

Enterprise Firewall App

Firewall App for Small/Mid-Size Businesses and Data Breaches

According to the Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report, hackers actively target small to mid-enterprise organizations with standardized, automated attacks because these businesses have fewer protections. A “virtual explosion” of breaches took place between 2010 and 2011 accordding to Verisign. As businesses look for protection, vendors are filling the space….

Twitter Mobile

Twitter Apps for Mobile Browser

This past week Twitter rolled out a new version of for mobile devices. The Web app allows Twitter to provide a more consistent experience on any device. Twitter built the app itself for high-end touchscreen devices with advanced browsers that support web technologies including HTML5. The app enables users…


Mobile Shopping List

A recent Chadwick Martin Bailey study revealed that more than two-thirds of today’s estimated 75 million smartphone users in the U.S. use their devices while shopping — but a relative few use them to buy actual product. According to the report, 66 percent of mobile shoppers use their smartphones for…


Another Bite out of Apple

Android’s unprecedented rise up the list of leading smartphone operating systems has been well documented, with most analysts predicting out-and-out domination of Apple’s iOS within just a couple of years. Now at least one forecaster projects that Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 OS will also pass the iPhone before too long. IDC predicts…