Everything is Awesome!

The Lego Movie was one of the most well received and highest grossing movies of 2014. Even though it was wrongfully snubbed by the Academy by not being nominated for best animated picture (come on guys, get your head in the game), Lego used the momentum from its movie to become the world’s…

Sky Guide App for iOS

Star Gazing via Sky Guide

If you enjoy viewing the stars and identifying constellations, Sky Guide is an app that is a must-download. With Sky Guide, users can hold their device to the sky to automatically find stars, constellations, planets, satellites and more. Plus, users can search for thousands of celestial sights and follow the…

Bring Fido iOS App

Discover Dog-Friendly Locations Near You

It is not uncommon for dog lovers to want to bring their furry friend with them everywhere. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses have policies in place that forbid canines from coming inside. This makes it challenging for dog owners to find locations that will be accepting of their friendly pooch….


Tinder for Vain Gold Diggers

The struggle is real for those single in the age of high-speed dating. Apps like Tinder tend to prioritize finding a “right” now mate rather than a soul mate. Promiscuity concerns aside, if single people are ready to mingle, they might as well get the best selection. Enter: LUXY. Its…

Style It App for iOS

Become a Digital Stylist with Style It

Fashionistas rejoice! A new app is making it easier for everyday people to become digital stylists. The app, dubbed Style It, enables users to create personalized outfits to match a specific clothing item. To begin, users must take or upload a picture of an apparel item, such as jeans, shoes…


Playing a Mobile Game? Keep Your Head Up!

Gaming apps are typically developed for one player use, which can make the game experience decisively lonely at times. Thanks to inclusive multiplayer games like Heads Up!, however,  users can play a game while also spending quality time with their family and friends. Heads Up! is a popular multiplayer game where users hold…

FocusDots iOS App

Stay Focused on the Work at Hand

If you find it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand without becoming distracted by things like email and social networks, consider downloading the FocusDots app. FocusDots is an iOS app that works as a digital timer to help its users focus better by breaking work time down into…


Sunny With A Chance of Humor

Those looking for weather information with a side of quirkiness should consider downloading the Funny or Die weather app, available free on iOS. Along with an interface that looks very similar to Apple’s own weather application, the Funny or Die weather app includes a clever daily thought or a crafty…


Have Your Cognitive Skills Reached Their Peak?

As consumers seek new ways to improve themselves, whether it be through exercise, diet or education, application developers have seized the opportunity to help consumers improve their minds with mobile devices. Peak, for example, is a brain training app that helps users improve their cognitive skills while building healthy training habits…


A Vacation for Your Dog

Dog owners are very protective of their loving pooches, which means that it can be stressful for even the most experienced owner to make sure their dog is being taken care of when they are away on vacation or a business trip. To help relieve owners of this unnecessary stress, DogVacay has taken it upon…