Voice Search comes to Google’s iOS Apps

Who needs Siri when you can voice search the Web with Google? While Google added speech recognition technology to its Android search app a few weeks ago, the search engine giant just announced that it is updating its search apps for the iPhone and iPad to also feature enhanced voice-powered search. To leverage…

Watch Personalized Videos with Vidyou

Have you ever wondered what type of content would be on a TV channel that is influenced by your social networks? Me either – but if you have, you might want to check out Vidyou – a video discovery application that leverages information from social networks to create engaging and personal video channels….

Amazon Instant Video iPad App

Amazon Instant Video Comes to iPad

Watch out Netflix, Amazon is about to invade on your iPad space. The retail giant just launched the Amazon Instant Video iPad app, which provides Amazon Prime members with streaming access to the retailer’s library of movies and TV shows. The app also allows users to watch purchased or rented videos…

Free App Trials with Windows 8

Here is some good news for finicky people – the Windows 8 store will offer free seven day trials for paid apps. This according to Microsoft, who released some insights into how the company plans to offer apps through the new App Store that is coming out with Windows 8….