Primer by Google In Focus

Did you ever stop to think of how significant the impact Google has made on the global economy? Many professionals are learning all they can about how Google works and how to make the most out of the services they provide (much of the its success stems from the marketing and…


DIY Android Wallpapers

One of the most appealing aspects of using Android devices is the customization opportunities that are available. And there are some really interesting apps to make that possible. Tapet, for example is an app that enables users to generated their own background images. Users can selected a random wallpaper or…


On the Road Again with DriveMode

Do you know how many accidents are caused by people using their mobile phones? I don’t either but it’s probably more than anyone is reporting. Fortunately, if you’re a responsible citizen, there are some solutions to make sure you’re not the cause of the trouble. Drivemode, for example is a…


Monitor Search Ranking with SEO WATCHER

Those businesses that receive a portion of their website traffic from search engines like Google and Bing know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). While search engines now employ powerful personalization features which make each query different for each user, businesses are still interested in knowing how (what position)…


Save Your Sanity with BATTERY SAVER for Android

If there’s one consistent complaint from Android users it’s battery life. Fortunately, there are several great mobile applicaitons android users can download to keep their devices in operation just a little longer. The latest is 360 Battery Plus, a free battery saver apps that claims to extend battery life by…

LinkedIn Students App

LinkedIn Helps Graduates Find Jobs

Just in time for graduation season, LinkedIn has unveiled a new app specifically for students. The LinkedIn Students app was created for soon-to-be college graduates looking to find jobs that fit their major. What’s more, the app helps graduates find companies that tend to hire from their school and provides…

Sprightly Mobile App by Microsoft Garage

Create & Share Business Content from Your Phone

Microsoft is making it easier for people to run their businesses from their phones with the launch of the Sprightly app. Sprightly is yet another app from Microsoft Garage, a project lab that lets Microsoft employees work on developments that typically have no relation to their primary function within the…

Microsoft's Mimicker Alarm App

Stop Hitting Snooze

If you make a habit out of hitting the “snooze” button every morning, it may be time to start waking up the first time your alarm goes off by downloading the Mimicker Alarm app by Microsoft. The app requires users to leverage their surroundings to complete a game in order…


Cortana Arrives on iOS and Android

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, named Cortana, is now available to all smartphone users. Microsoft made its digital assistant available on iPhone, Android and Cyanogen OS powered devices to be a companion to users who leverage Windows 10 PCs. This gives Microsoft users even more ways to save time and effort….

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Wake Up at the Perfect Moment

Most people hate being woken up from a deep sleep by their alarm clock, but there is a mobile app that helps remedy this problem. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, tracks users sleep patterns and wakes them up in their lightest…