NASA’s iPad App Beams Science Straight to Users

NAZA Visualization Explorer

NAZA Visualization ExplorerNASA launched something other than a rocket this week when a new iPad app, NASA Visualization Explorer, arrived in iTunes.

The free app is educational and gives an interactive experience to the user. It includes images, videos and information about NASA’s earth science research.

The editorial team plans on releasing two new science features every week. A few of the features available right now include information about marine deserts, glaciers and India’s water supply.

“The app will explore stories of climate change, Earth’s dynamic systems, plant life on land and in the oceans — all of the small and large stories captured in data by NASA satellites and then visualized,” says Michael Starobin, a senior producer at Goddard Space Flight Center who spearheaded the app’s editorial direction.

One of the best features of the app is the interviews with NASA scientists. With new weekly content this could quickly become a science-lover’s dream.

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