Invite App for iOS

Organize Meetings with a Simple Invite

Microsoft is helping make it easier for business professionals to organize meetings on the go with its Invite app. Invite is currently available for iPhone in the U.S. and Canada, but coming soon to Windows Phone and Android phones. The app works best for people with Office 365 business and…

Memoir App

Reminiscing Made Easy

Technology has made a lot of life’s simple pleasures easier – from making it effortless for people to connect with old friends through Facebook, to simplifying the business discovery process for travelers exploring a new city via Yelp. Now, however, technology is also making memories easier to relive with apps like…


Stick to Your Commitments

In today’s hectic world, people’s lives are full of a variety of responsibilities. This is where task-managing app CommitTo3 comes in handy. The app helps users organize their lives by creating three easily manageable goals a day. Users are also able to edit previous commitments as their priorities shift throughout the day. Interestingly, CommitTo3…

Dark Sky

Stay Dry with Storm Alerts

Dark Sky is a weather app for iOS devices that aims to keep users dry by alerting them of potential storms before they start. The app offers hyperlocal forecasts and leverages technology that helps it predict when it will rain or snow in a user’s exact location. The apps’ push…


Be Ready When Inspiration Strikes

Writers never know when inspiration will strike, so it’s important for them to be prepared to write down new ideas at any moment. Storyist is an app for screenwriters that allows users to not only jot down quick notes, but also enables them to start writing manuscripts and screenplays. More than just…


Has Photoshop Met its Match?

Cameras on mobile devices have dramatically improved since the two were first paired together. Thanks to all of the improvements, mobile device owners are taking more pictures than ever – posting them on their social networks, emailing them to family and friends and saving them to the cloud for safe keeping….


Transform Your Home Computer into a Media Server for Mobile Devices

With many mobile devices having limited storage capacity, users are not always able to store their complete media collection on their devices. However, with Plex, an innovative personal media organizer, users are able to control, sync and organize their videos, photos, music and more from their mobile devices. Users that…

Scannable App for iOS

Evernote Simplifies Scanning

Evernote is simplifying the scanning process with its new mobile app dubbed Evernote Scannable. With Scannable, users can leverage their mobile device’s camera to scan paper documents like contracts, receipts and business cards. The app also automatically rotates, crops and adjusts images so that they are easy to read. Plus,…

Moment iOS App

Take a Moment to be Screen-Free

Thinking about becoming a little less connected to technology in 2015? If so, consider downloading the Moment app. The app, which is available for free for iOS devices, automatically tracks how much time a user spend on his or her iPhone or iPad. In fact, the app tracks how many…

Brushstroke App

Turn Photos into Works of Art

The Brushstroke app for iOS devices makes it easy for users to turn their photos into works of art. The (currently free) app enables users to transform photos with a variety of painting styles and color palettes. Additionally, Brushstroke offers numerous canvases and surfaces for users to choose from. Once the…