Amazon Instant Video Comes to iPad

Amazon Instant Video iPad App

Watch out Netflix, Amazon is about to invade on your iPad space.

The retail giant just launched the Amazon Instant Video iPad app, which provides Amazon Prime members with streaming access to the retailer’s library of movies and TV shows.

The app also allows usersAmazon Instant Video iPad App to watch purchased or rented videos from the more than 120,000 titles that are available in Amazon’s video store. This means that users can download purchased and rented videos for offline viewing when WiFi isn’t available, such as on airplanes or road trips.

Additionally, users can add favorite movies to their Watchlist for quick viewing, as well as leverage Amazon’s Whispersync feature, which enables users to start watching a video on one device and resume watching it on a separate device.

However, the app is still missing a couple of key features – including the ability for users to rent or purchase videos within the app, or find specific titles through a search bar. This might be because Amazon wants to push users to purchase movies or TV shows on the website, but  it can also create a somewhat choppy user experience.

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