An App for Domainers from Afternic

Domain name marketplace Afternic (part of the NameMedia group) has released iPhone and iPad applications which are going to be pretty exciting for buyers and sellers of domain names.

“By embracing new technologies we extend the reach of the DLS and better meet the changing needs of our customers. As the world relies more on handheld devices to do business, offering a mobile application is a logical step in improving access to our inventory. Both domain sellers and buyers benefit if we are able to connect supply and demand effectively,” said Jason Miner, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NameMedia’s marketplace.

The app allows prospective buyers to search through Afternic’s inventory, use the available search tools to refine lists, and download search results into a spreadsheet. Users of the app can also use the built in e-commerce features to purchase the domain or submit a price request. Kudos are in order for Afternic as it is the first such service to release an application.

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