Are You a Match? Play a Game to Find Out

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many single people have made plans to stay in their homes to avoid the masses of in-love couples that will fill the streets.

To help these singles pass the time, relative newcomer to the App Store, Glint, enables users to meet new people by playing a game.

The app works by sending users a new deck of 52 cards every hour in which there are new people to select from. Users then peruse their way through the deck either selecting to pass or play a game with the person on the card. The idea behind the app is that by playing games it will make the process of sending messages and introducing yourself to the other person less awkward.

As users continue to play games and meet more people they are able to make their way to the top of Glint’s game charts where they can be noticed by more people. And who knows, maybe the person you play your game against on Valentine’s Day could end up being your actual date for next year’s holiday!

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