Automate Your Life with Custom Workflows

Mobile devices make the everyday lives of both consumers and professionals much easier.

Whether they are being leveraged to unlock cars, send emails or simply check in on loved ones, mobile devices have helped to make life a little less complicated.

Just take Workflow as an example, which is an aptly named iOS app that aims to help its users accomplish a variety of tasks more efficiently.

Through the app, users can create “Workflows,” or in other words, a series of actions that happen in rapid succession. For instance, with the app’s drag and drop custom Workflow creator, users can make a quick GIF from a series of pictures they take (users can select the amount of pictures they want to use). Once the GIF is created, users can view it and share it with friends via social channels, email and text messages.

In addition to creating GIFs, users can leverage Workflow to automate a variety of other tasks. For example, the app can be used to instantly create PDFs of mobile webpages from Safari, get directions to the closest coffee shop or restaurant, Tweet the song a user is listening to, auto send screenshots to contacts or to simply calculate a tip at a restaurant.

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