Be Awed with Aurasma

If you label yourself as a person who “thinks outside of the box”, it is time to put your creativity to the test with Aurasma – a visual browser that brings the physical and virtual worlds together.

Sounds like something out of Harry Potter right? Close, but not quite – with the Aurasma platform, users can leverage augmented reality features to discover, create and share virtual content that has been integrated into the real world.

The platform offers free apps for both iOS and Android devices. Users can leverage the app to take pictures of real world objects and create their own visual “Auras”, which are essentially photos that are combined with videos, music and/or 3D animations. Additionally, users can discover Auras that were previously created by other people. For example, by pointing your mobile device at GQ’s September cover, you will be delivered with an Aura that features video and sound related to the publication’s featured cover stories.

With the Aurasma app, users have the ability to not only discover and create Auras with Aurasma’s library of animations and 3D characters, but can also share Auras via social media and subscribe to other users accounts. However, it is important to note that the best way to understand Aurasma is to see it in action. So download the app and see what it can do by aiming your mobile device at the picture below.

Aura for Salvador Dali

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