Become a Digital Stylist with Style It

Style It App for iOS

Fashionistas rejoice! A new app is making it easier for everyday people to become digital stylists.

The app, dubbed Style It, enables users to create personalized outfits to match a specific clothing item. To begin, users must take or upload a picture of an apparel item, such as jeans, shoes or a jacket. From there, the app will offer up 10 different outfits based on the clothing item uploaded. Users then have the ability to customize those outfits with more than one million different apparel items from more than 8,000 stores. Plus, users can also shop for their personalized outfits directly from the app, as well as save and share their outfits with friends.

In addition to enabling users to create and shop personalized outfits, Style It also features an activity feed where users can view styles from other people using the app. Users can also browse and follow brands, such as Steve Madden, Nine West and Betsey Johnson, for additional fashion inspiration. Moreover, users can keep track of their purchases under the “My Orders” tab, which features information on pending, confirmed, shipped and delivered purchases.

Style It is currently free in the App Store, and is only available for iOS devices.

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