Buy and Sell Art on the Go with Saatchi Art’s New App

With consumers’ daily lives keeping them in constant motion it can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to carve out time to sit at a desktop when not at work.

Luckily for art lovers, Saatchi Art, an e-commerce marketplace where artists can sell their work, recently launched an app for iOS devices.

Through the app, consumer can not only purchase artwork but also search and explore Saatchi Art’s vast inventory of drawings, paintings, photographs and more. If consumers have a favorite artist or type of art they can search for it using the search bar located in the “Browse Art” tab. Interestingly, the app also has incorporated a few social aspects that allow users to follow their favorite artists and collectors, track their site activity in their newsfeed and manage their Saatchi Art profile.

What’s more, artists can use the app to upload artwork that is for sale and manage their online portfolio from within the app.

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