Can You Reach the Sky?

When it comes to gaming apps, simple doesn’t always mean easy – and Skyward is a perfect example.

Skyward is a frustratingly simple game where users try to move two pieces (a red and blue circle) across an ever-increasing labyrinth of tiles. To move game pieces to the next tile, users simply tap the screen when the circle is directly on top of the next tile.

As users progress in the game, Skyward introduces fresh challenges like new labyrinth sections and special tiles that cause a user’s pieces to behave in unique ways. For example, the game features a tile with a lightning bolt stamp that causes the rotation of a user’s pieces to speed up. Conversely, the snail tile causes a piece’s rotation to slow down.

Another challenge users must navigate is the orientation of each tile. Since tiles in Skyward constantly shift between flat and vertical, it’s important that users understand what tile they are moving to next. Users must not take too much time planning their next move however, because the circular game piece that is waiting to be placed is constantly shrinking, and if it shrinks too much the game will end.

Skyward is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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