Sellf Mobile App

Simplify Your Professional Life with Sellf

There is a new app that is making it easier for entrepreneurs and sales professionals to keep track of business opportunities – and it’s called Sellf. By downloading Sellf, users essentially have their own personal CRM on their mobile device. The app enables users to track the progress of projects as…


Manage Google Adwords On the Go

Google has released a mobile application that will enable AdWords advertisers to view and manage their accounts. Adwords customers will be able to view campaign stats, updates bids and budgets, get alerts and notifications, as well as receive suggestions from within the app. What’s more, you can even call Google…


Presentations on the Go with Prezi (ANDROID)

Presentation platform Prezi has arrived for Android and it’s a definite must-see for anyone making presentations. The application features some powerful features including cloud syncing, remote mobile presenting (invite up to 30 people to a presentation that can be delivered from anywhere), full access to saved presentations and offline access….


Can You Keep the Wascally Wabbit Safe?

There are few things that elicit as many childhood memories as seeing Bugs Bunny mess around with the lovable but foolish Elmer Fudd and hearing the endearing hunter yell that he’s going to get that “wascally wabbit.” When users first open Looney Tunes Dash! they are hit with a collection…

YouTube For Kids App

New YouTube App Takes Aim at Kids

Google is taking a move out of Twitter’s playbook, as the tech company has unveiled a new YouTube app specifically for kids. The YouTube Kids app makes it is safe for children to find videos on topics they want to explore. Moreover, the app’s design is kid friendly, featuring larger…


Can You Reach the Sky?

When it comes to gaming apps, simple doesn’t always mean easy – and Skyward is a perfect example. Skyward is a frustratingly simple game where users try to move two pieces (a red and blue circle) across an ever-increasing labyrinth of tiles. To move game pieces to the next tile, users…


No Excuses, Sworkit!

Exercise is one of the most important things that people can do to help their body and mind stay as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, many people neglect exercise because of the expense associated with gym memberships and fitness equipment. This is where mobile fitness apps like Sworkit come in handy. With…

Bloglovin App

Follow the Blogs You Love

A new app is making it easier for people to stay up-to-date with their favorite blogs. The app, dubbed Bloglovin, enables users to add blogs they want to follow to the app in order to see all new posts in one place. In fact, all new posts are displayed in…


Create A Comic Based On Your Life

Have you ever been in a real life situation that made you feel like you were in a comic strip? If so, you can download the Bitstrips app to make your comic strip dreams come true. With the app, users can turn themselves into comic book characters by creating completely customizable avatars with the ability…


Bluethumb Puts Aussie Art on Display

Mobile devices have opened a vast realm of possibilities for everyone from sporting goods retailers to local artists. Take the Bluethumb app as an example, which is a digital marketplace where users can browse, share and shop for art straight from Australia’s new and emerging artists. This Australia exclusive marketplace provides an…