Celebrate #EarthDay with the WWF

WWF Together

April 22nd is Earth Day, and one way to celebrate is by downloading the WWF Together app for iOS and Android.

Through the app, users can explore an interactive experience to learn more about nature’s amazing animals, including elephants, whales and rhinos. In addition to helping users learn about animals, the app also features an origami section that teaches users how to create an origami version of wildlife featured in the app. Moreover, the app features a 3D interactive globe to help users learn how far away they are from 70 different animals around the world.

Other noteworthy features of the WWF Together app include updated conservation and wildlife news, high-definition videos, image galleries and downloadable wallpapers. Plus, the app provides users with cool and unusual animal facts, as well as offers multiple ways for users to get involved and protect the planet’s amazing animals.

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