Cheers to the Appy Couple

Brides-to-be have a lot on their plate, from naming a wedding party and finding a venue to deciding who’s on (and off) the guest list and communicating with those who made the cut.

Over the years, brides have certainly gotten more planning support from sites like and wedding website builders, but those tech savvy future-Mrs. might want to check out an app called Appy Couple. Available for iOS and Android, Appy Couple can keep a bride sane (with features like messaging, RSVPs, etc.) and make guests feel included (for example, they can e-meet the wedding party, see and share photos and more).

While Great Grandma might skip on app participation, the plethora of planning, messaging and engagement features (even comes with polls/surveys), are sure to give guests every detail they need (and then some) and give busy, blushing brides much-needed peace of mind.

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