Citymapper App May Be the Ultimate Urban Digital Map Alternative

Those of us that live in large cities and use public transportation are perpetually in quest of reliable and accurate mobile applications for transit use – because you could be doing far more productive things than waiting for the train at an outside station in the middle of winter in Chicago. I’m just saying… anyway.

Android users running Google’s latest mobile operating system already have a useful mapping experience, thanks to a deep Google Maps and Google Now integration, but there is always room in your app collection for a reliable digital mapping alternative and Citymapper is a viable contender for your attention.

The application is available for mobile users in true transit-friendly locales around the world including Chicago (yes!), New York, Boston, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Mexico City… the list goes on.

Citymapper has garnered a bevy of awards, including Grand Prize Winner of NYC MTA App Quest 2013, Best Overall Mobile App 2014 (Mobile World Congress / GSMA), and was recently featured as a Play Pick in the Play Store.

The core feature of the application is its powerful A to B journey planner which offers different transport modes and in real-time. Citymapper also has some unique, useful, and rather run features as well. Users can opt to receive notifications, see the amount of calories they burned, can store saved routes, access weather, and interact with other users through its ‘Meet Me Somewhere’ feature which allows users to arrange a place to meet in a specific area.

Finally, Citymapper recently updated the app to support Android Wear, which means smartwatch wielding transit users will definitely be in the know about when their train is delayed because of the snow.


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