Colorfy Makes Coloring Acceptable for Adults

Colorfy App

The Colorfy app is making coloring a perfectly acceptable activity for adults.

The app, which touts itself as “coloring therapy for adults,” aims to help users reduce anxiety through art. Once downloaded, users can choose from a variety of designs and color palettes to make their own digital piece of art. The only thing missing is that good ole’ crayon box smell!

While the app can be downloaded for free and offers numerous templates and color palettes, users can also pay for a subscription to get unlimited access to even more content. It is also important to note that Colorfy offers a “free daily palette” and enables users to vote on the palette that will be offered the next day. What’s more, users can choose the “Get Inspired” tab to view artworks created by other Colorfy users.

Colorfy is available for download in the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android.

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