Competition for Google Drive

When people think of a shared document app, most probably think of Google Drive. There is another app, however, that offers a compelling array of features to draw users away from Drive.

Quip, a message and document sharing app, boasts a shared thread for messages and documents, throwing away the need for users to switch between multiple apps for these simple services. Users are also able to share folders and documents with other Quip users who then are able to edit those documents. Edits (called Diffs) are saved within the thread and are visually represented on the document so everybody can keep track of changes.

The app is able to be used offline as well and automatically synchronizes the changes once the user is back online. Users are also able to receive “read receipts” for messages and create shared interactive checklists.

The app can be used on desktop (PC and Mac), iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. It is free to download.

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