Converse in Confidence

Security is a high priority today for any successful business.

Although there are several steps that a business can take to ensure that their information is safe while employees are on their work computers, mobile devices have infiltrated the work space which has led to more and more professionals using their phones and tablets for work related tasks.

This is where Hall comes in handy. Hall is an instant messaging app for businesses, which delivers bank level cloud encryption for all communications between professionals. With Hall, professionals can sync data across devices, chat with groups and individuals, share files such as links and images and search for new contacts within the app.

Professionals can leverage Hall on both their desktops and their mobile devices so they can stay in constant contact and always have the necessary information and files with them to work on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

One thought on “Converse in Confidence”

  1. Pete Pete says:

    This is pretty sweet – do you think this meets regulatory and compliance standards in the financial and legal industries?

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