Declutter Your Inbox

Unroll.Me App

If you are a victim of a cluttered inbox, consider cleaning it up with the Unroll.Me app.

The iOS app identifies subscription emails from a user’s inbox and lists them for easy management. For example, users can unsubscribe from unwanted messages by swiping left on subscriptions. Conversely, users can consolidate subscriptions by swiping up to have future messages put into a convenient daily digest called the Rollup.

It is important to note that when users swipe left on a message, there will be no future emails from this sender in the user’s inbox. Subscriptions added to the user’s Rollup, however, will start bypassing the inbox to be included in the daily digest. That said, users can also swipe right to keep email subscriptions in their inbox and out of their Rollup.

Not only does the Unroll.Me app make it easy to manage email subscriptions, but it also categorizes subscriptions saved in the Rollup so users can quickly find the content that they want. Plus, all emails in a user’s Rollup are also available inside their email client, in a folder called Unroll.Me.

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