Discover Android Apps with this App

If you need a new way to discover mobile apps, don’t worry – there’s an app for that.

CandyApps is a free discovery and recommendation platform from i-Free Innovations, which makes the process of finding Android apps easy, fast and accurate. The app features a rating system that takes into account application release dates, current user ratings and an extensive tagging system. Not only can users leverage this tool to discover new and popular apps, but also to discover specific kinds of apps via filters, as well as other content such as videos, reviews and screenshots.

Additionally, CandyApp is updated every two hours, so that users can be made aware of any app discounts and can be confident that the newest apps are always featured. All apps are hand-picked, reviewed, and classified into categories by CandyApps editors – from the best racing games and camera apps, to apps for music enthusiasts. The platform also offers a “Reviews” section, which reveals app reviews from experts and editors, as well as other news about the Android world.

“When you combine the strength of our proprietary app rating system and our editorial team sorting, reviewing and comparing hundreds of apps on a daily basis, users can trust that only the best apps will appear in their search results,” says Kirill Petrov, Managing Director, i-Free Innovations. “This makes CandyApps the ultimate way to find apps in one easy-to-use Android app catalog.”

Other features include a “Favorites” menu that allows users to see all of their favorite content, download buttons so that users can download apps directly from Google Play, a share button that enables users to share content with friends and Android widgets, which can update users on new apps, reviews and price drops.

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