Discover Dog-Friendly Locations Near You

Bring Fido iOS App

It is not uncommon for dog lovers to want to bring their furry friend with them everywhere. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses have policies in place that forbid canines from coming inside. This makes it challenging for dog owners to find locations that will be accepting of their friendly pooch.

This is where the Bring Fido app comes in handy. Bring Fido is an iOS app that helps users find a variety of dog-friendly locations and events. Through the app, users can select a category, such as “Pet-Friendly Hotels,” “Outdoor Restaurants,” “Parks and Beaches” and “Dog Events,” to discover places where they can take their pet. Users have the ability to search by manually entering a location or by letting the app use their current location.

In addition to highlighting dog-friendly locations, Bring Fido features a photo stream where users can view pet photos. Plus, the app enables users to post new pet-friendly locations that are not already featured in the app. The app is currently available for free in Apple’s App Store.

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