Eat Healthy or Face the Wrath of CARROT

As we move further into the New Year, it is getting more difficult for many to keep their resolution of becoming healthier in 2015. The CARROT Hunger app, however, is helping its users stay on track in an unconventional way.

CARROT Hunger, which is available for free on iOS devices, is a talking calorie counter that shames people into living a healthier lifestyle. With the app, users can track the foods they eat by typing their meals into the app’s food database or scanning the UPC of the food item they just ate. To keep users cognizant of the impact foods can have on their bodies, the app convert a food’s calories into more understandable terms. For instance, CARROT will tell users how many miles they need to run to work off a donut or a slice of pizza.

It is also important to note that users can log their workouts into the app. In fact, if users don’t log exercises into the app, they will see their avatar “blimp up.” The app also enables users to stick an iBeacon sensor in their fridge and will then remind users to log their foods anytime they step near the sensor. That said, CARROT will set off an alarm if the user is already over their calorie goal for the day and steps near the sensor. The alarm, however, isn’t the only way CARROT shames its users to stay on track. In fact, for users that overeat, CARROT will offer up bribe requests, full screen ads and tweets that shame users in front of their social network connections.

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