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The Lego Movie was one of the most well received and highest grossing movies of 2014.

Even though it was wrongfully snubbed by the Academy by not being nominated for best animated picture (come on guys, get your head in the game), Lego used the momentum from its movie to become the world’s most profitable children’s toy. To build upon its 2014 success, Lego has released a mobile app based on The Lego Movie.

In The Lego Movie Video Game app users are able to play as one of more than 90 characters seen in the movie including, of course, Emmet and President Business, while completing 45 different missions. Users will also journey through many of the different worlds seen in the film including Cloud Cuckoo Land and Flatbus Gulsh while collecting Lego instruction pages to build new creations.

The app is available only on iOS devices for $4.99 and contains in-app purchases.

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