Facebook Unveils a “Lite” App

Facebook Lite

The world’s largest social network has unveiled a new version of its mobile app for Android users.

The app, dubbed Facebook Lite, uses less data and aims to work better across all network conditions. People around the world access Facebook from a variety of devices and networks. In many areas, however, networks can be slow and are not able to support all the functionality found in Facebook’s original Android app. This is where Facebook Lite comes into play, as the app offers a more reliable Facebook experience regardless of bandwidth.

According to the social network, Facebook Lite is less than 1MB, fast to install and quick to load. The app includes Facebook’s core features, such as the News Feed, status updates, photos and notifications. It is important to note that the app is being rolled out in countries across Asia, and will also be available in parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

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