Firewall App for Small/Mid-Size Businesses and Data Breaches

According to the Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report, hackers actively target small to mid-enterprise organizations with standardized, automated attacks because these businesses have fewer protections. A “virtual explosion” of breaches took place between 2010 and 2011 accordding to Verisign. As businesses look for protection, vendors are filling the space.

Data security provider Imperva released Cloud WAF this week, a cloud-based Web Application FIrewall service for small to mid-enterprise businesses that need to achieve PCI compliance, prevent blacklisting, protect against Web app attacks and improve website performance.

“The Imperva Cloud WAF service offers businesses an easy and affordable way to protect critical Web applications and achieve PCI compliance with around-the-clock monitoring from experienced security professionals,” explained Amichai Shulman, Imperva’s CTO. “With Imperva Cloud WAF services, businesses without dedicated security or IT staff will have greater confidence that their applications and data are safe.”

Imperva’s Cloud WAF, the subscription to which starts at $7,200/yr, aims to protect against current and emerging threats including SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), illegal resource access, malicious bots, and other Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top-10 threats. Imperva Cloud WAF also increases Website performance with cloud-based caching that reduces Web page load time, server workload, and Website bandwidth consumption.

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