Free App Trials with Windows 8

Here is some good news for finicky people – the Windows 8 store will offer free seven day trials for paid apps.

This according to Microsoft, who released some insights into how the company plans to offer apps through the new App Store that is coming out with Windows 8.

According to the company’s blog, developers can set their app’s pricing by selecting a pricing tier – which range from $1.49 to $999.99. This is particularly interesting because it means that the cheapest paid app will retail for $1.49, which is more expensive than many other app stores’ starting price of $0.99.

Now for the good stuff – Microsoft is also allowing developers to offer free trials of their apps as a monetization method. Although developers can still choose to generate revenue through options such as advertisements within their app or in app purchases, they can also choose to launch a trial version of their app that includes an easy way for consumers to convert to the full paid version.

This “trial and conversion” method allows users to download the app and try it free for seven days before they buy it. However, this method isn’t only handy for indecisive consumers, but it could also prove to be valuable for developers – because according to Micrsoft’s blog, the company has seen apps with trials bring up to five times the revenue of apps without trials for the Windows Phone.

Developers that are interested in creating a free trial version of their app can visit the Dev Center for more information.

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