Gamify Your Workouts

Shape Up Battle Run App

It is very easy to fall out of a workout routine, but Shape Up aims to change that.

The Shape Up Battle Run app turns running into a game. For instance, users can select “Story Mode” to run in a variety of scenarios such as a zombie-infested cityscape or a jungle with lions. Conversely, users can select “Quick Race” to play a 5 to 30-minute running program that is designed to help users stay on rhythm and improve fitness. It is also important to note that users can battle other users through UPlay or challenge Shape Up coaches to see who can run the furthest.

To keep users motivated, the Shape Up Battle Run app uses points and bolts to reward every step a user takes, as well as tracks users’ overall stats. Plus, users who have the Shape Up console game can sync it with the app to add points and bolts to their game’s total score. The app is currently available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.

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