Get Organized with MindNode

MindNode, available for iOS and Mac, allows users to visually map out an idea starting with a central point, and then branch off into sub points in order to create a “mind map” (think of a brainstorming map from elementary school). In addition to being able to edit, add and delete points on maps, users can also upload documents to a new feature called MyMindNode.

Once uploaded, MyMindNode creates a shareable link that users can send through email or post on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The feature also allows users to display their mind map in a Web browser as well as embed their mind map into a website or blog.

Moreover, the app has a redesigned document browser that allows users to store multiple mind maps and search for existing maps in a new list view. The new browser allows for the creation of folders as well, adding another level of organization to the app that is available for $9.99 in both the App Store and the Mac App Store.


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