Get Productive with Five Simple Apps

It’s already the middle of the work week, and the odds are that you may need a productivity boost to help you successfully make it to the weekend.

In order to help you productively get over the hump day blues, check out this list of helpful apps for everything from the Chrome browser to, of course, your Android and iOS devices:

If you were as bitter as I was about Web-based photo editing app Picnik being shutdown, you will be happy to know that PicMonkey is more than a viable replacement. This image editing tool was actually created by a couple of former Picnik engineers and can be downloaded as an app onto the Google Chrome browser or inside Facebook’s new App Center. PicMonkey enables users to edit photos and create collages as well as add effects and text to images. It has just as many features as Picnik, and currently all of the features are free for users – including photo filters and textures, touch up tools and overlay options. PicMonkey has definitely become my go-to choice for those quick, or even not so quick, photo editing emergencies.

With SaveMeeting you don’t need to worry about who is taking notes at the meeting the next time your assistant calls in sick. This free app enables users to record, save, transcribe and share meetings from the palms of their hands. This cloud-based, multi-platform app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and enables users to not only record meetings, but also send files, such as a recorded or transcribed meeting, to coworkers. This app is great for organizing information and for those who have short memories. Additionally, this platform also offers a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, and is working on apps for both the iPad and Blackberry devices.

Many of us suffer from Password Fatigue – a feeling one gets from having to remember an excessive amount of passwords as part of their daily routines. While there are a few ways to combat this disease, such as only using one password for all daily accounts (bad idea for security issues) or signing in via social login (which isn’t always an option), the better way would be to simply remember your passwords – and there’s an app for that. 1Password combats Password Fatigue by not only enabling users to securely store their passwords in the palm of their hands, but the iOS app also has a built-in browser that allows users to tap on a saved login in and immediately be taken and logged into a desired site. The platform offers apps for both iOS and Android devices, as well as solutions for Mac and Windows desktops – so that passwords can be remembered on all devices.

If you are one of those people who enjoy writing to-do lists just so you can obtain the feeling of accomplishment by crossing out finished tasks, you might want to download Clear – a simple app for organizing and prioritizing tasks. And have no fear, you will still obtain the sense of accomplishment of traditional pen and paper to-do lists, because in order to clear a task on Clear, users must swipe the task off of their list. This $2.99 app comes with a simple and sleek user interface and is a really helpful tool for prioritizing tasks and organizing multiple lists.

Great Decisions
Some decisions are hard to make, and some people just have a hard time making decisions. If you are the latter, here is an easy decision – download the Great Decision app for iOS devices. This $5.99 problem solving app enables users to visually organize their thoughts for a better decision making process. This app features a simple interface where users can assign personal weight and values to decisions in order to adjust the importance of a choice. Then, Great Decisions adds up the total weighted average and reports it in an analysis at the bottom of the page for users to view. This app is definitely a helpful solution for those who have a lot on their minds – after all, you can’t be productive if you can’t make decisions.


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