Get Rid of That Overflowing Trapper Keeper

In the digital age people no longer have stacks of paper covering their desks, but there is a good chance their computers and mobile devices are loaded with files and documents.

Fortunately there are apps available to help users better organize their digital lives, including newcomer Docady.

The app stores and organizes documents from ID cards to pay slips and medical documentation. One of the most convenient aspects of Docady is that users do not have to organize their files within the app themselves. Instead, Docady analyzes and organizes the files that are stored within it. What’s more, users are able to save hard copies by taking a picture of the document with their phone while inside the app. Users can also share documents with others and import files from services like Dropbox, Evernote and Gmail.

The document organizing app is only available on iOS devices and is free to download.

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