Get Your TV Companion App

Most of us already use our smartphones and tablets to play with apps and surf social networks while watching TV – but now we actually have a valid reason to keep these devices on our laps during our favorite shows.

The new TV Guide Mobile app for iOS devices, acts as a TV companion by providing personalized discovery, instant watching and social sharing features to users.

The app’s focus centers around TV Guide’s Watchlist, which is a platform that enables users to create their own list of favorite shows, teams or celebrities. The Watchlist then provides users with a list of times, channels, websites and services that feature the user’s favorite content. Additionally, with the TV Guide Mobile app, users can share social messages about their favorite shows, as well as set alerts to remind them of the start of a show.

“Our new super-personalized, social, mobile TV Guide is designed for the way people want to watch now – anywhere, anytime,” says Christy Tanner, Executive Vice President and General Manager of and TV Guide Mobile. “This is a game-changer for our users, who want an easier way to manage all the ways they watch.”

The TV Guide Mobile app also comes with information for local listings and a Tonight tab, which is a social hot list based on what TV Guide users are watching. Other features include a photo and video section, as well as a news tab, which allows users to get customized news regarding their favorite shows.

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