Groupon Delivers Deals to Your Wrist

Groupon for Apple Watch

Groupon is one of the latest companies to launch an app for Apple Watch.

With the app, Groupon aims to expand the reach of its local e-commerce marketplace. The app gives users access to key features from Groupon’s iPhone app, including the ability to discover and buy deals at nearby local businesses.

“As one of the world’s largest engines of local discovery, we’re committed to building an incredible shopping experience for our customers where it’s the most convenient for them – across all of their devices,” said Groupon CTO Sri Viswanath. “We’re very excited about the potential of this new technology to increase the buying power of our customers and drive even more business into local merchants.”

Consumers can leverage the app to not only discover Groupon deals near their current location, but also to browse through curated offers and purchase deals. In the future, the app will also allow users to quickly view lifetime savings and unused vouchers, receive reminders when Groupons are about to expire as well as redeem Groupons.

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