Have Your Cognitive Skills Reached Their Peak?

As consumers seek new ways to improve themselves, whether it be through exercise, diet or education, application developers have seized the opportunity to help consumers improve their minds with mobile devices.

Peak, for example, is a brain training app that helps users improve their cognitive skills while building healthy training habits at the same time. Before users’ first session, the Peak app has a series of slides that asks what the user would like to become better at. The choices range from being more fluent in conversation to better recognizing visual patterns. Plus, users are not limited in the number of choices they select.

After users make their selections Peak has them run through a series of baseline tests to see where they currently are. Then, Peak uses the results to personalize each subsequent game to help individuals reach their maximum Peak Brain Score.

Peak has five main categories that it works to improve users’ cognitive skills in: Memory, Focus, Problem Solving, Language, Mental Agility, Focus

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