Instagram Releases Bolt, a Snapchat competitor

It is impossible to deny Snapchat’s success. The company has made a fortune (Snapchat’s latest valuation puts the company’s worth at $10 billion) by allowing users to send photos and video snippets to friends that disappear after being seen or watched. With that in mind, it is no surprise that companies are looking to piggyback on its success.

In fact, Instagram is the latest company to release a Snapchat rival, called Bolt.

Bolt works by pulling in all of a user’s contacts with out requiring the user to sign in with Facebook or Instagram. When users are ready to take a photo or video, they either tap (for photo) or hold (for video) on the overlaid circular picture of their contact’s face.

The app is currently only available to residents of Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand, but will eventually be rolled out to the rest of the world.



Bolt is available on both iOS and Android devices.


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