Keep a Nutritionist in Your Pocket

Rise Mobile App

Getting fit (or staying fit) can be difficult, especially in today’s fast pace world of fast food drive-thrus, delivery services and food trucks.

One way to stay motivated, however, is by downloading fitness and nutrition mobile apps like Rise. Rise is a 1:1 nutrition coaching app that pairs users with a real personal nutrition coach (an actual registered dietitian) who helps users achieve specific goals, such as losing weight, having more energy or eating healthier.

With the app, users can take pictures of their meals and receive feedback from their coach. The app focuses on helping users change their lifestyle rather than encouraging them to diet or calorie count. Plus, each user gets a customized plan and works together with their coach to set weekly goals. The app also offers instant support, providing users with recipes, tips and answers to questions in real-time.

It is important to note that Rise is integrated with Apple Health, Fitbit and Lose It!, which enables users to share their steps and calorie data with their coach to receive a better and more personalized experience. That said, this personalized experience does come with a price of $48 per month or $120 every three months. But after the first three months, subscription to the app costs just $9 a month.

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