Stay Connected with Talko

In today’s busy world it is not uncommon for professionals to spend a lot of time out of the office, either meeting up with clients or collaborating with colleagues over business lunches.

While professionals are on the road, however, it’s vital that they stay connected with what’s going on with team members back at the office. This is where mobile app Talko comes in handy, as it helps team members stay in touch.

Talko is a simple communication app through which users can make conference calls or send text, voice and photo messages to their team members. Users can also quickly and easily connect to conference calls with their team by calling all members with a single tap. What’s more, to help users remember previous conversations and stay on the same page, Talko saves all conversations that users have in their messages. Furthermore, if users send a message while not connected to a network,Talko will automatically send the message once you are reconnected.

The app is currently available for free in Apple’s App Store.

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