Learn More About Coworkers with LinkedIn Lookup

LinkedIn Lookup App

LinkedIn bolstered its app lineup once again with the launch of a new app that helps users find and learn more about their coworkers.

The app, dubbed LinkedIn Lookup, aims to make professionals more productive and successful by helping them find, learn about and contact their coworkers. According to the social network, only about 30 percent of its members who search for people on LinkedIn each month view their coworkers’ profiles. Additional LinkedIn research shows that only 38 percent of professionals find their companies’ intranets effective at helping them learn about their coworkers, while 58 percent say they could do a better job if they could find coworkers with specific skills.

Because of this, professionals are looking elsewhere to learn more about their coworkers, with 46 percent of professionals noting that they look up coworkers on LinkedIn. Not only can it be easier to find coworkers on LinkedIn, but the information people add to their profiles is oftentimes more comprehensive and up-to-date than many companies’ intranets. This is why LinkedIn developed its latest app.

Through the Lookup app, users can search for coworkers by name, title, current and past experience, education and skills. What’s more, users can view coworkers’ information even if they aren’t already connected on LinkedIn. It is important to note, however, that even though contact information is visible to coworkers on the app, it does not appear on public LinkedIn profiles. Plus, users who have not added contact preferences to their LinkedIn profile can be reached via email or LinkedIn messaging.

“There’s an old saying: “’It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ Unfortunately, these days it’s harder to know your coworkers than it is to know professionals outside your company. If you’re one of the many professionals out there struggling to learn more about your coworkers, check out Lookup,” LinkedIn states in its blog announcement.

LinkedIn Lookup is currently available for iOS devices and will be launching for Android soon.

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