Let Polyvore Remix Your Style

Polyvore Remix Mobile App

Get your daily outfit inspiration by downloading the new Polyvore Remix app.

The iOS app, created by popular social commerce platform Polyvore, aims to be a “pocket stylist” for users, helping them discover style inspiration and find out what’s trending in fashion. To leverage the app, users simply need to find an item they like and tap it for an outfit to appear. If the user doesn’t like the outfit that appears, they have the option to “remix it” to discover a different look. Plus, outfits can be shared with friends to find out what they think.

In addition to finding stylish outfits, users can leverage Polyvore Remix to discover trends in fashion and to purchase apparel items directly from the app. Moreover, the app is powered by Polyvore’s global style community to provide users with fashion advice for all items and trends.

“Our community has created over 150 million outfits that show how products you love can go together,” the company’s blog posts states. “Polyvore Remix is like a personal stylist. Our style-savvy community is ahead of the curve, giving you the latest styling advice for any item or trend, with the touch of a (Remix!) button.”

It is important to note that the app is currently only open to a limited number of users, so those who download Polyvore Remix will need to request an access code before they can engage with the app.

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