Listen to Articles with Pocket

Mobile devices are great for staying up to date with news while on the go, however, what happens if you find a great article but don’t have the time to read it?

This is when applications like Pocket come in handy, which enable users to save information to their device in order to easily access it for viewing at a later time – even without an Internet connection. However, Pocket (which is formerly known as Read It Later), has launched a new update to its Android app that enables users to not only view saved content, but also listen to saved content through text-to-speech technology.

Pocket’s new feature is activated when a user opens a saved article and clicks on the “Listen” button, which prompts the app to read the article’s text out loud. Users also have the ability to customize their listening experience by changing the speed or style of the app’s speaking voice, if desired.

You can start listening to content by downloading Pocket’s 4.2 Android update for free in the Google Play store. It is important to note that the app’s “Listen” feature isn’t currently available on iOS devices because Apple’s operating system doesn’t offer a text-to-speech API.


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