Location-Based Spending Guidance with HelloWallet

Online financial guidance startup HelloWallet announced the release of a companion iPhone app for its popular Web application which provides location-based spending guidance.

The HelloWallet app determines the user’s location, displays the amount remaining to spend in an associated budget category and how much has been spent historically at that location. For example, if a user was standing in a restaurant, the application would tell the user how much they have left to spend in their restaurant budget and how much they have spent over the past month and year at that specific restaurant.

The app also provides cash balance, bills left to pay, and how much is leftover to spend. Users can also pull up their HelloWallet daily-personalized advice and access all their favorite features from the HelloWallet Web application like tracking accounts, transactions, and progress against their budget.

“People make the majority of their financial transactions on the go. With HelloWallet for iPhone, you’ll be able to get personalized financial guidance wherever you are,” said HelloWallet Founder & CEO Matt Fellowes. “We’re excited to tap into someone’s location via the mobile phone to make our advice & recommendations that much more relevant.”

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