Manage Digital Ads from Anywhere

Kenshoo Anywhere App

Manage search, social and local online advertisements while on the go with the Kenshoo Anywhere app for iOS.

The recently updated app provides marketers with the ability to access and control their Kenshoo ad campaigns while away from their computers. In addition, users can compare performance data, customize and bookmark favorite views as well as share reports and notes with their team.

“Brands and agencies have long sought the ability to optimize their campaigns in conjunction with changes in the competitive landscape and other real-time events, something that was nearly impossible to do without having access to their program at all times,” said Will Martin-Gill, SVP of product for Kenshoo. “The updated Kenshoo Anywhere app gives marketers the ability to react to news and events as they happen and adjust their campaigns accordingly. This flexibility ensures Kenshoo clients can instantly capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.”

It is important to note that the app enables marketers to quickly analyze data, identify opportunities for optimization and make instant adjustments to their campaigns. Moreover, the updated app enables Kenshoo clients to pause or activate campaigns and set custom date ranges. The updated app also provides improved navigation, showing profile and campaign names and date ranges on all screens.

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