Mobile App Testing and Certification

Infostretch, a provider of mobile app development, testing, distribution and certification services, announced that its engineers have tested and certified over 30,000 mobile apps. InfoStretch is the certification authority for 5 out of top 7 app stores.

The company’s certification services are powered by a mobile lab that houses over 2500 real mobile devices and a proprietary test management tool in QMetry which integrates with the app store certification portal and automated mobile application testing tools which help InfoStretch optimize its testing efforts during the certification process.

“Thousands of apps are hitting the mobile market every day, but unfortunately, so are the reports of security and privacy breaches by various app developers,” said Manish Mistry, VP of Mobile Services at InfoStretch. “Although users have millions of apps to choose from, most apps don’t quite function the way they should across handsets and don’t meet the quality standards users expect.”


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