Mobile HR Apps for Employee Recognition

Globoforce, a provider of SaaS employee recognition solutions, released a mobile application today which enhances how employees connect and shape a company’s culture.

The Globoforce Mobile app enables managers and peers the ability to give, receive, approve and redeem recognition awards anywhere; rewarding performance and behaviors or that important events are remembered.

The believe is that through recognition (and where mobile plays a strong role) that is timely, values driven, and open to all employees, companies build more connected and fully engaged workforces. That is likely something HR departments can get behind.

“Tomorrow’s successful HR leaders will be the ones who embrace social and mobile technologies today,” said Jim Holincheck, managing vice president, Gartner, Inc. “These new technologies enable real-time employee connectivity and interaction across dispersed workforces, which can drive greater employee engagement, productivity, and ROI. As more companies adopt social and mobile into their HR functions, including employee recognition, they will benefit from the real-time view into employee performance and corporate culture.”


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