No Excuses, Sworkit!

Exercise is one of the most important things that people can do to help their body and mind stay as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, many people neglect exercise because of the expense associated with gym memberships and fitness equipment.

This is where mobile fitness apps like Sworkit come in handy. With Sworkit, users can start working out with a variety of guided exercise categories that include strength training and yoga. Once users select a category they have the ability to choose what part of the body they wish to work on and the length of time their workout will last. Users are guided through each workout by a personal trainer (via video), which is accompanied by up-tempo music to keep users engaged and in the zone for their entire workout.

There are two versions of Sworkit available for users: Sworkit Pro ($1.99 on iOS and $0.99 on Android) and Sworkit Lite (free on both iOS and Android).

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