No Language is Foreign Anymore

The Internet has made international sales plausible for nearly every business. However, there are still many reasons why businesses elect to not go international. One such reason is the language barrier, as effective communication is a requirement for any successful business.

This is where the iTranslate Voice –translator and dictionary app comes in handy. The app can be used to help owners and sales associates complete full conversations with a client or customer who speaks a foreign language. Users simply need to speak into their phone’s microphone and the app will translate what they said into the desired language and say it back to them as well as write it out.

With iTranslate Voice, users can translate into 42 different languages, look up definitions and translations for words or phrases using their voice, as well as send translations over email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. Plus, users can connect to another device and have a conversation with someone in a different language via AirTranslate.

This app is only available for download in the iOS App Store for $1.99.

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