No More Vertical Videos with Horizon Camera

Your digital collection of camera and video apps is likely quite extensive by now, likely because you are simply bad at taking a decent selfie or a good concert video, and you will try anything if it will make a difference. Am I right?

Fortunately for you, there is hope. All those weird, vertical videos you take? Technology has saved you once again. The Horizon Camera, for example, uses the device’s gyroscope/acceleromter, auto-leveling videos during recording. Your Vertical Video Syndrome has been cured!

Horizon Camera was named one of the Best New Android Apps by the Play Store in September (2014) in great part due to the auto-leveling video camera, but also because of the rich and extensive set of other features the application provides, including the ability to record videos with both front and back cameras and user control of video quality options and leveling modes.

The app has somewhat limited functionality in the free version (and uses a watermark on videos creating using it) but the in-app purchaes are worth it and will make all the difference. Horizon Camer is available on Android, iOS, and Amazon.

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